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Everything you need to know about Innov8MD

Innov8MD Conference Details

Want to know more about Innov8MD? Check out our Event Program and see the links below for answers to common questions. Want more information? Contact Us!

What is Innov8MD?

Innov8MD is a one-night conference dedicated to showcasing student entrepreneurs across Maryland’s universities. The event will kickoff with our keynote speaker, who will talk about the Baltimore entrepreneurial ecosystem and how students and universities contribute to making it great. Then, attendees get the chance to see what student entrepreneurs at 8 local universities are building in a casual showcase setting, all while networking over free food and drink!


Innov8MD is November 9th, 2018 from 5-8pm at Spark Baltimore. Participating universities include: Johns Hopkins, Towson, MICA, UMD, UMB, UMBC, UB, and Morgan State. The event is open to the public – university affiliation is not required.

How much does Innov8MD Cost?

Innov8MD tickets are tiered in order to make the affordable for everyone. For students, tickets start at $10 with a valid high school or university ID. For people who want to enjoy the event and support our vision, tickets are $25. For those who truly want to empower the next generation of young entrepreneurs, we have $75 tickets that include access to our pre-event networking reception, an Innov8MD t-shirt, free parking, and a shoutout in our event brochure.

If you would like to attend Innov8MD but none of the above prices work for you, message us at innov8MD@tcolabs.org. We have a limited number of vouchers available!

Registration is required at https://www.mt.cm/innov8md

How can I get involved?

That depends what you are looking for!


If you are a student who wants to get involved with the planning of Innov8MD, check out our team page and contact the representative associated with your university. If your university is not represented, reach out to us at innov8md@tcolabs.org to discuss future collaboration!


If you are a Baltimore startup or company that wants to have a table at the event, or another organization interested in Sponsoring Innov8MD, contact finance@tcolabs.org. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more information!


If you want to get involved in any other way, just email us at innov8md@tcolabs.org

Who is organizing Innov8MD?

Innov8MD is organized by the Maryland Collegiate Entrepreneurship Coalition (MCEC), a collection of the leaders of the entrepreneurial programs at the 8 founding universities: JHU, Towson, MICA, UMD, UMB, UMBC, UB, and Morgan State. While MCEC was founded to organize Innov8MD, its mission extends beyond the event. Learn more about us here!


Wondering why it say TCO Labs in our emails? TCO Labs, Inc. is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins. While MCEC & Innov8MD go through the process of becoming an independent nonprofit, TCO Labs is serving as the fiscal sponsor of the event, allowing us to take tax deductible donations to further our mission.

Why is Innov8MD limited to 8 schools?

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not because of the name! The 8 schools represented at the inaugural Innov8MD conference were simply the founding schools of the initiative. We plan to engage more universities, and even perhaps local high schools, in the future. But for this event, we limited it to 8 universities to see how it goes and avoid over committing.


If you represent the entrepreneurial ecosystem of a local university, please get in touch! We would love to have you involved with what we are working on at Innov8MD and the Maryland Collegiate Entrepreneurship Coalition.

Can I present my company at Innov8MD?

If you are a student entrepreneur (graduate or undergraduate) at any one of the 8 organizing universities, contact the representative of your school. Presenting startups are decided on a per-school basis, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to present this year due to space and attendance considerations. However, you are still highly encouraged to attend and represent your company!


If you are a non-student company, we have a variety of sponsorship opportunities that will allow you to present what you are working on at Innov8MD. Contact finance@tcolabs.org for more information!

How can I learn more about Innov8MD and MCEC?

Visit our About Page, and then Contact Us!