Today They're Students.
Tomorrow They'll Change The World.
Maryland is home to a number of world-class academic institutions where students are already making a difference by creating new technologies, starting companies, and pioneering academic discoveries. Innov8MD is nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting these students on their entrepreneurial journey.
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What We Do


Innov8MD hosts a large conference in the fall to celebrate student entrepreneurs and a dinner series in the spring to help them build connections in Maryland's entrepreneurial ecosystem
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Our website, blog, and social media sites are the go-to sources of information about opportunities and resources for student entrepreneurs in Maryland


We focus on involving student entrepreneurs in Maryland's greater ecosystem by connecting them to mentors and supporting their attendance at local innovation events
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Who We Are
The Innov8MD team is made up of the leaders of local university entrepreneurship programs. Participating schools include Johns Hopkins, Towson, MICA, UB, UMD, UMB, UMBC, Morgan State, Loyola, and more.
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Our Vision
At Innov8MD, our mission is to support all young entrepreneurs, regardless of age or institutional affiliation. We are dedicated to ensuring that these innovators have all of the resources they need to build their ideas and to make an impact on our community. We believe in the importance of integrating students into Maryland's greater entrepreneurial community, to support local company building, talent retention, and ecosystem development.

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